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A Lesson in Debauchery Masquerade! Hidden faces on display, oh Masquerade! Hide ones face and the world shall never discover your secrets! Finely hand-crafted and high-quality Venetian Masquerade masks are an example of magnificent and breathtaking works of art. With their array of bright colours, adornment of feathers, crystals and other luxurious materials these beauties [...]

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A Buyers guide to Venetian Masquerade Masks

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Venetian MaskVenetian masks are an extremely old tradition of Venice, Italy. Carnival of Venice or alternatively Carnevale is a very popular event where you are able to find numerous people wearing these masquerade masks. There are a number of other occasions where these kinds of masks have been utilized as well to generally conceal a person’s identity or status amongst others at the social event. Masks serve their purpose in a number of various ways extending from illegal criminal behavior to personal risky romantic encounters

Various kinds of Venetian Masks
Venetian masks are identified by their flamboyant artistic styles with bright colors and combinations of different decorations. You will find numerous types of these party masks ranging from complete face covering masks to more manageable oval masks that end up covering just bellow ones eyes. In case you are also thinking about purchasing a Venetian mask, you ought to first learn about their differences, various types and design styles. The following list includes the most common types of Venetian masks

Bauta- A mask covering the whole face

Columbine- half mask generally tied using a ribbon

Medico Della Peste- also recognized as being the plague doctor has a lengthy beak and is very bizarre looking from any angle

Moretta- Is an oval mask generally created out of black velvet

You will find still an excellent number of masks are being produced in spite of the restrictions that were imposed on the wearing of masks for everyday life routines. A few of the different categories are discussed below.

Full Face Masks

These kinds of masks were utilized in olden times as a component of everyday life and the need to hide one’s identity. Nevertheless, these days they’re used more for pleasure than requirement. There are lots different design styles and designs available within the complete face covering range. From black to gold and silver macrem over to white deco and several other styles are all obtainable in this variety range. Full face masks that include feathers are also highly desirable and easily available for example a popular choice is the black tan tiger feather masks. The price range for these works of art range from $75 to $500 depending upon the design

Velvet Venetian Masks

The Velvet masks are probably the most visibly exotic variety available. The variety of masks includes numerous colorfully painted and odd shaped masks perfect for any masquerade party or event. From Columbia there are also the beautiful wing shaped velvet based finishing masks leaning towards the Elfe with plume stick and azzuro to a mezzo volto with an adornment of flowers, this variety is over the top and has everything to impress. These masks generally range in price from $150- $250 and therefore are very economical despite their very elegant look and feel.

The Zanni-Nazo Collection

This is really perhaps much more of a peculiar and odd, even somewhat bizarre collection of custom Venetian masks. These types of traditional masquerade masks have lengthy beaks much like a bird and only cover half of the face. The original style of these types of masks included a hallowed out beak and beady round eyeholes that are encrusted with crystals to give the wearer a bespectacled appearance. However, now these masks can be purchased in a variety of styles, designs and color schemes and therefore are much more decorative. Masks in this collection are usually available under $80

Arlecchino Masks

These masks are based on the full face mask design with basically two distinctive styles. There are many various kinds of masks in this category with exquisite styles and designs namely Harlequin, Pierrot, Pantalone and Madoline to name just a few. Each style is more distinctive and unique than the other and often priced in the low 90 range. These Venetian Masquerade masks are a must have as several people like to select them for their distinctive and colorful designs. Some masks have two colors on each half using the exact same design or others have a distinctive pattern covering 1 eye and having a golden color. These designs should be observed by ones self to understand or comprehend their uniqueness.

Jolly Venetian Masquerade masks

This type of mask is priced above $400 and is perfect for portraying court jesters. In medieval times, court jesters in castles and palaces used to always perform and generally wore a costume with the faced completely covered. These masks are often painted in gold

These are just a few of the extremely beautiful and very best Venetian masquerade masks.
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