A Lesson in Debauchery Part 1

A Lesson in Debauchery Masquerade! Hidden faces on display, oh Masquerade! Hide ones face and the world shall never discover your secrets! Finely hand-crafted and high-quality Venetian Masquerade masks are an example of magnificent and breathtaking works of art. With their array of bright colours, adornment of feathers, crystals and other luxurious materials these beauties [...]

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A Guide to Masquerade Mask Making

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venetian full faceIf you've the desire to create your own personal masquerade masks, then it is necessary for you to obtain certain basic materials. Some of the materials are important and are specific to mask making while others are just required as part of any crafty like project. The primary materials you will need are as follows: A base, some paints, tools and some additional adornments.
So let’s start with the base, this can be as simple as a basic plastic face. You can obtain these easily at any craft shop and they are usually an excellent starting point for any mask making. If you are a real keener you could start at the very beginning by making your own base from scratch but this usually isn’t the recommended approach for the beginner masquerade mask maker.

Paints- you should invest in high quality flexible paints here if you want your mask to be somewhat bendable (acrylic craft paint in one base color should do the trick here). Standard paints can cause the masquerade mask to dry hard and even crack and break if you are not careful. This effect may come in handy if you were making a Halloween mask but in this particular case we want to make the most visually appealing masquerade mask.

Tools/resources- These include trimmers and cutters such as standard scissors and any basic pocket knife, these can be very handy especially when it comes to cutting particular angles and especially when cutting eye holes. One more to add to the list is glue. Craft Glue is an essential tool and can make everything can come together quite nicely. To make things easier you should have a mirror handy so you are able to see how the masquerade masks appear as you are making them- hold them up to your face as you go.

Additions- based on how you are going to likely wear your mask at the masquerade ball will depend on the additional decorations you adorn the mask with. In addition, to hold it up to your face you’ll require as stick or little pole like object to hold it up to your face over the course of the evening. Depending on what the event is ad what kind of masquerade masks are likely to be created, then the following materials and components might also be needed. Paper mache materials for producing protruding like features and also wire as per the above. Other materials such as sequins, feathers, sparkles or glitter or whatever your creative mind can come up with are also possible. Just get the creative juices flowing and you will definitely be seen as creative and talk of the party. Masquerade masks allow the most creative of us to have fun with spending an arm and a leg.
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