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A Lesson in Debauchery Masquerade! Hidden faces on display, oh Masquerade! Hide ones face and the world shall never discover your secrets! Finely hand-crafted and high-quality Venetian Masquerade masks are an example of magnificent and breathtaking works of art. With their array of bright colours, adornment of feathers, crystals and other luxurious materials these beauties [...]

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Mardi Gras mask making tips for the beginner

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The typical rule of thumb for first time mask makers is be prepared that your masquerade mask may end up not looking anything like you initially intended, but avoid the typical mistake of believing that simply because it fails to look as you intended that it fails to appear to others as looking great. Everyone else typically sees your face mask differently than you would perceive it to look like yourself. Many a masquerade balls and mardi gras parties are filled with do it yourself mask makers that think their mask creations suck but to others they are actually viewed as being quite creative
As outlined above, obtaining the desired design or style you would like can be very difficult. For this very reason you are able to save your self a great deal of time and trouble by planning to use an asymmetrical face mask design rather than a symmetrical face one. Attempting to create a symmetrical face mask commits you to attempting to make every side of the mask the exact same, which is considerable difficult, frustrating and time consuming to boot. Fortunately, this issue is effortlessly avoided, as asymmetrical face masks, if anything will have a tendency to look much more fascinating and more creative, wildly asymmetrical face masks can come across as very extravagant and extremely creative.

Leave yourself extra-large holes for the eyes. As well as generally looking much better than normal eye sized holes, you’re guaranteed to easily be able to see out of them. Eye sized mask holes can be easily seen through just fine whenever you start the face mask, but by the time the mask has had decoration added, the finished masquerade mask will be a pain if there is limited visibility. Giving your masks eye holes lots of height as well is important to avoid the common problem of the masquerade or Mardi gras mask interfering with ones’ eyelashes.

The plain plastic material based masks make a good inexpensive base to operate from or work on. They’re often sold in craft stores, costume stores, toy shops, and so on. Some tend to fit much better than others and there are numerous versions designed for kids, and several are likely more flimsy than generally desired, however, they are simple to cut to the desired shape, and adding additional features you would like and also the result will sit easily and comfortably over your face

When you decide to paint your masquerade mask, start by shading it- try and paint the recessed places a darker color and also the protruding areas much lighter. The lack of shading is 1 of probably the most distinctive signs of any mass produced inexpensive rubbish, and not having shading on a face mask can easily make even a major work of art appear like a cheap knock off.

Since you’ll be wearing your face mask for essentially several hours you’ll need to continually check to see that it remains comfortable and does not restrict your vision in any way. There’s nothing worst than having to suffer through an evening wearing an uncomfortable face mask. So make sure the masquerade or mardi gras mask you are making will easily stay on, and try and keep it as light as possible.

The weight of a face mask can significantly affect on its overall level of comfort for the wearer. When selecting your materials and components, give preference over to the lighter types. If you’re going to be making prominent features, avoid very heavy construction materials such as modeling clays. While building large features such as a lengthy nose, use some wire to protrude and extend while keeping it hollow and light. Most people believe paper mache is the way to go, however it takes days to cure dry and isn’t extremely flexible so a chemical based solution that sets quicker is often used.

Make your mask strong and reinforce it so that there is little chance of breaking any portion of it in case it accidentally slips off or gets dropped god forbid.

For the Experienced masquerade mask maker just some suggestions.

Masks can become works of art and many are worth keeping- they look amazing on a living room or bedroom wall and can be used time and time again. However, damage from knocks and scrapes does occur and stands out like a sore thumb and unless you are looking for that aged look, you should make sure when building the mask to make the underlying material the exact same color as intended paint finish. In case you are using some sort of filler, put some colored paint within the compound mixture prior to applying it.

A much better method to minimize wear and tear on your mask would be to make the face mask more resistant by building them to remain light and flexible. For example a plastic cup can survive being dropped far better than a china plate. So experiment and look for materials that make the mask comfortable, flexible and discover the best method or technique you like. Oh and of course don’t forget to use flexible paints. Fabric paints are ideal and extremely versatile, but extremely durable and hard wearing and a couple of brands possess a truly great looking glossy finish.
Find out more about Masquerade Masks and Mardi Gras masks at: Masquerademaskspage.com
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