A Lesson in Debauchery Part 1

A Lesson in Debauchery Masquerade! Hidden faces on display, oh Masquerade! Hide ones face and the world shall never discover your secrets! Finely hand-crafted and high-quality Venetian Masquerade masks are an example of magnificent and breathtaking works of art. With their array of bright colours, adornment of feathers, crystals and other luxurious materials these beauties [...]

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Where you may want to wear a Masquerade mask

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If you are planning to purchase a masquerade mask then you’ll also be glad to know that you are also making a small investment. No doubt, you’ll want to wear it as soon as you can instead of putting it away never to be worn ever again. Now some of you will be wondering what do you wear to a masquerade or masquerade ball as it is more formally known as. Never fear, I will be providing plenty of suggestions on where you can show off your mask time and time again.

Below is a top 6 listing in no particular order of the most popular events where you can wear your favorite masquerade mask.



Fancy Dress


Mardi Gras


Weddings- Now this might seem to be a very strange choice. It would be quite a rare event to be invited to some wedding where you would have to put on a mask, but if you are able to always suggest the idea of a masquerade ball to somebody you know who’s planning to get hitched, as weddings provide the perfect backdrop for an extravagant and fun filled evening with wedding receptions that are not so traditional.

Prom- this really is becoming an extremely popular and well known event. You might have even bought your very first mask just for this very particular reason. If you are the one left to organize such an event then the masquerade ball is a really fun alternative and unique approach to this special right of passage and for many a masquerade mask makes the evening a fun filled memory they will keep with them forever.

Fancy dress- any party could be like every other party, so why not switch things up and make your party a little different along with a bit more fun and excitement. Let all your guests dress up and have a fantastic time as well. Wearing masquerade masks can make things very interesting and really fun quickly.

Play/Theatre/Comedy- You’ll most likely be going to watch individuals wear masks and not actually put them on yourselves. Nevertheless, this might only apply to formal events. Numerous informal places hold regular shows that imply you are able to wear what ever you like. Also if you’re artistic then you are able to put on masquerade masks as part of your own act.

Mardi Gras- Of course the biggest and best know location for wearing a masquerade mask in many people opinions. Not only will you and other people within the audience be wearing them so will many people within the street parade. Here you’ll see magnificent and over the top displays of masquerade masks, some you could only dream of obtaining and wearing.

Festivals- Comparable to the above Mardi Gras and just a enjoyable, the Chinese new year and other great events mean that you can easily express your-self much more freely, so don’t be shy go ahead and put on your masquerade mask.

It’s terrific that there are so many opportunities for you to show off your masquerade mask. Not only will you draw attention but you’ll have fun while doing it to. Your mask can be worn time and time again, making it a must have for any serious partiers accessories.
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